Life from a Different Spectrum


If the statistics are correct and 1 in 59 kids are diagnosed with autism, there is a huge population of parents out there who have a lot in common.  As a parent on the spectrum, very little media or how-to books were helpful to me in my quest to be the best autism mom that I can be.  I didn’t click with it, but what I do relate to are stories and others walking the same path I am.  There is something missing out there, but I’m not sure exactly what is it.  And what about the extended family and community that surrounds these precious children? There isn’t much that I’ve found to help educate the public about some of the small nuances that create the autism spectrum and what it means to live with it.   So, here I am trying to tell our story in a way that is not only helpful, but hopefully entertaining.  But I warn you.  If this is my space in the universe, I am probably going to talk and share about  more than just autism specific topics.  There will most likely be recipes, books, travel, and music sprinkled in as well.  I hope you enjoy! I encourage comments, feedback, and sharing of your own experiences

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