Sunday Fill Up 6/13/21

Life is really full and busy for us right now. I feel like we have come out of the pandemic like a race horse coming out of its gate. In the past three months, we have temporarily moved to a small house on the property we are building our house on and my mom has permanently moved to Iuka. (All of this meant lots of packing and moving. No one likes moving and the chaos it creates.) There has been a lot of progress on the new house, but the rain from the last couple of weeks has halted forward movement. I fell off a ladder coming out of the new house and broke my ankle the second week in May. Within a week of my ankle injury, we flew to Montana for a vacation with Clay’s family to see Yellowstone and the Tetons. Not the most ideal vacation for a broken ankle, but I managed and saw lots of amazing things (many from the car.)

I have had very few experiences in my life that have limited my physical abilities. My morning walks have long been my anchor of self care and that is temporarily gone. I’m less patient, more easily irritated, not sleeping as well, and feel helpless on a lot of levels. I’ve had to reach for other ways to center and recharge, but it just isn’t the same.

I’m inspired by lots of different things weekly. I’m always seeking inspiration in some area. One of my favorite types of posts that a few bloggers I follow do is a weekly roundup of articles, books, podcasts, food, fashion, design, accounts to follow, etc. I have for a long time wanted to start this type of content because I love them so much, so this is my first edition. I’m calling it the Sunday Fill Up. The term “Sunday Scaries” is popular right now to the feeling of dread that the weekend is coming to an end and the heaviness of the responsibilities of the week ahead are looming. I want this to be the opposite of that. A place that makes you laugh, think, and get inspired for the week ahead. I want to share what has been filling up my emotional tank, which always includes a funny Everett story.

So without further ado, I bring you the first Sunday Fill Up

Home Design: If you are curious to see what our house is going to look like, this account on Instagram @thorn_cove_abode has built the same house plan. Her name is Brittany Smith and she lives in South Carolina. I’ve linked an exterior photo, but her account is full of shots of her home. See it here

Article: After so much moving in the recent months, this story by Ann Patchett, who is one of my favorite authors, really hit home for me. It’s long but oh so good.

Podcast: This snippet is from an episode of This American Life from 2020 and it makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it (which I’ve done multiple times.)

TV Show: I finished watching Mare of Eastown about a week ago. If you have HBO/Max, it’s a must watch. Kate Winslet is so good! Here is a preview video

Movie: Streaming services move movies in and out all the time. I’m someone who likes to watch movies over and over, so I’m regularly disappointed when my favorites disappear. Right now I’m loving “Chef” with Jon Farveau and Sophia Vergara on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it and you are a foodie, I’d highly recommend it. And there is a spin off cooking show on Netflix called “The Chef Show” that features Jon and Chef Roy Choi who was the food consultant for the movie.

Everett story of the week: I was working on laundry when Everett was getting dressed. I laid his clothes next to pile I was folding for myself. As we were about to walk out the door, I noticed something was off by the way he was walking. After closer examination, I realized he had on my jeans. He picked them up by accident when grabbing his clothes. On a morning where I was feeling frumpy and frustrated by my inability to exercise, this handsome fella showed me that maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem. Something Everett always does for me. Happy Sunday Everyone!

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