Sunday Fill Up Father’s Day Edition 6/20/21

It didn’t really occur to me when I started this that the second Sunday Fill Up would land on Father’s Day. These types of holidays aren’t easy for many people. It’s so complicated because while we can celebrate, call, and give gifts to many in our lives; it’s also a mirror of loss, grief, and broken relationships. So, if you fall into the category that this is a hard day just know you aren’t alone. I don’t look forward to this day because I know the pain that Wheeler will feel missing his Dad. And this is one of those times that Everett’s autism shields him from grief on a made up holiday. I’m thankful, especially today, for all of the amazing fathers in my life.

So here is today’s Sunday Fill Up Father’s Day Edition:

This is the Father’s Day episode of the This American Life podcast from 1996, 25 years ago. Take a listen here.

And because it’s Father’s Day, I’ll be listening to a 60s playlist that always reminds me of my Dad whose radio is tuned to 60s on 60 right now. Here is my favorite 60s playlist on Amazon music.

My parents before they married. Look at his hair, smirk, and holding his aviators. Nobody wears Rayban aviators like my Daddy.

This article talks about how everyone wants Tom Hanks to be their Dad. I think if I had to choose a movie dad, it probably would be Steve Martin. Check it out here

I can’t help but think of my Grandaddy on Father’s Day.

Grandaddy was so ritualistic and habitual about his routines. I’ve spent lots of time in the past few years reading about and studying habits and routines. How they make us “successful” or “failures”. He was a creature of habit and very disciplined with all of his tasks. His mornings all started the same; a walk, a shower, a cup of coffee, breakfast my grandmother fixed him, the weather channel on a tiny tv about 2 feet from his spot at the kitchen table, 2-3 newspapers, and always The Upper Room (for you non-Methodists it is the daily devotional that is published monthly). I would stumble in sleepy eyed around 7, and he would begin to tease me about everything I missed on this glorious morning and how I’d slept half the day away. Sunday mornings with him were my favorite. The big comic section in the paper meant I actually had something to look through. He loved the comics as well and would laugh out loud then pass me what was so funny. I didn’t always get what he thought was funny but would pretend and laugh too. Hagar the Horrible was his favorite and so I’ll leave this here in memory of him.

Everett is playing in a special needs baseball league called Mighty League in Muscle Shoals. It has been so amazing to watch him be able to participate and have so much fun. The first game the weather was perfection and he loved every minute of it. The second game was last Saturday when it was so hot. He (and the other kids) didn’t enjoy it quite as much. At one point, Everett had fielded the ball and he went to walk into the dugout during the middle of the inning. The umpire stopped him and told him to go back to his position at 3rd base. He yelled out to me in the stands “Mommy! Let’s go!!” We made it to the end and he eagerly participated in the next game. He has been so proud of himself and it’s just been a joy to watch him get to have this experience. I might be a little biased, but he is the most handsome guy out there.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there and especially my Daddy who I know loves me more than I can ever imagine.

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