Sunday Fill Up 6/27/21

Happy Sunday Morning!

Currently, my mind is occupied with all the design decisions for the new house and I love it so much. I am trying extremely hard to pick finishes that are timeless and things I have loved forever. I love to cook and to me the kitchen is the most important place in the house. If you don’t know who Nancy Meyers is you actually do know the films she has made. Besides her ability to make great movies with amazing characters, the interiors featured in her movies are equally notable, especially the kitchens. I’ve taken notes and incorporating many of the elements of these into the design of our house. Here is small round up article about those famous kitchens as well as a peak into her own home. Check it out here.

My favorite is the “Something’s Gotta Give” Kitchen

With my foot injury and inability to exercise, I am working really hard to be mindful about nutrition and what I intake. Couple that with Wheeler being home for the summer and having his own goals where he is eating healthy as well, I am constantly making food for us. Breakfast, lunches, snacks, and dinners. I don’t mind eating some of the same things over and over, but I also get burned out easily. I ran across this article about eating the same thing over and over interests me for many reasons. It also dives into his not ever leaving Wales. And I have to ask the question, is his motivation ultimate contentment or is it fear? Read about it here

This next one is a book and podcast recommendation. If you’ve ready many of my posts, you know how much I love Brené Brown. Her work on vulnerability and shame has helped me so much. It’s the 10 year anniversary of one of her books, The Gifts of Imperfection, and she is doing a podcast series with her two sisters that is similar to a book club format. They’ve released the first episode on all podcast platforms, but the entire series will be available on Spotify and it’s free. Check it out here.

Everett’s story this week is from over a month ago. He continues to hit developmental milestones all the time, but so many of them are out of whack with his age. And in this instance, he is mischievous like a 3-4 year old. For a little over a year, he has been drawing on the walls and usually they are very intricate works of art for him. This is his most recent rendition that goes along with his SpongeBob obsession. The size of this masterpiece is approximately 18” tall in a blue sharpie and all of it will have to be painted. And when you paint one interior door, then it become “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” scenario. He is very proud of this!!

The question mark cracks me up. Like he is pondering a big philosophical question.
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