Sunday Fill Up 7/11/21

I’m currently in a hotel room in Atlanta and Everett is snoozing away. Here is the Sunday Fill Up for the week.

I was shopping in Publix the other day and the Front Service Clerk who was bagging my groceries noticed that I had purchased a Barilla Pasta product. (Side note: I love Publix because of their commitment to inclusion and hiring team members with disabilities.) She told me that the CEO of Barilla had launched a Spotify channel that has a playlist for each of their products. Each playlist lasts exactly how long your pasta is supposed to boil so you’ll never have to guess if your pasta is ready. Here is their page on Spotify.

We love to camp, but haven’t gone this year and probably won’t until the house is finished. Camping always make me think of s’mores. I ran across this article in Garden & Gun that has lots of variations. See them all here.

As I’ve been parked in “middle age” for awhile now, I can’t help but think of what the next phase of life will look like. I loved this article that highlights 3 women’s accomplishments later in life. Read it here.

One of the main reasons we came to Atlanta this weekend was so I could go to Scott’s Antique Market. I had never been before so I found this article that helped me navigate it for the first time. I made an intricate list of things that I am going to need to purchase for the house, and would prefer to find unique and antique options. Clay was working on wiring the house, so he needed to stay home to work. I rented a small UHaul truck and Everett and I took off on Friday morning. I don’t make things easy on myself by navigating a huge market with a “not quite healed” ankle and a teenager with autism, but we managed pretty well. I picked up four things that were on my list, so I felt like my first experience with Scott’s was successful.

Everett is an avid traveler and always insists on having a trip on the calendar to obsess about. Two days into our Montana trip, he was already asking if he could go back to Disney World. I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I thought he would like Six Flags over Georgia because he loves roller coasters. I wouldn’t give him a specific date that we were going because I wasn’t sure when I could handle it with my ankle. We spent all day yesterday riding anything and everything he wanted. Out of the gate, we rode a roller coaster that became his favorite. I lost count but think we rode it 8-10 times. He loves the thrill, but likes to know what is coming.

I haven’t been to Six Flags over Georgia in two decades. I was surprised at how much was familiar. It was a long day and the weather was warm but not unbearable. My ankle held up and I walked over 12,000 steps without my boot.

We couldn’t pass up riding the train a few times.

We had a great day and made lots of fun memories. I am so grateful for how much he loves to travel. He craves new and exciting things out in the world. Happy Sunday Everyone!

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