Sunday Fill Up 7/18/21

Good morning everyone!

Last night, Clay and I went to see a movie (and picked some supplies up at Lowe’s). When we were dating, we went to the movies a couple of times a month. I love watching movies in the theater. You get immersed in the experience and movies are better in the theater. Currently, there still aren’t a lot of options to watch and I hope that changes as we come out of the pandemic. We saw A Quiet Place Part II. I have a tendency to not do any research going into a movie, which I think overall makes the experience more enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised to see Cillian Murphy was the new male lead. (I love him in Peaky Blinders as Thomas Shelby). We saw the first part of this movie in the theater and I loved it. I don’t like gory horror movies, but I can handle suspense and a good story line. Here is a review of the movie.

I am someone who tries to monitor my screen time. This article dives into parental screen time and has some really interesting information. Find it here.

I’m knee deep in making lots and lots of decisions for the house. My mind is consumed right now with the domino effect that each decision can have. I actually love it so much. I’ve been working on paint decisions for a long time, but there are nationwide shortages on samples. This makes it almost impossible to make decisions. I’ve decided to order peel and stick samples from this company. I’ll update you once they come in.

Wheeler walked in Friday afternoon sporting this cowboy hat. It took everyone by surprise and Everett walked around him and examined him closely unsure of what to make of it. Wheeler took the hat off and put it on Everett’s head. He looked at Wheeler and he said “Howdy, have you been to the Wild, Wild West?” My boys bring me so much joy everyday. I hope everyone has a Happy Sunday!

I didn’t snap a pic of Everett in the hat, but this guy is just as cute
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