Sunday Fill Up 8/1/21

People.. It is AUGUST! I just don’t know what has happened to this year. And school starts back this week. So hard to believe, but I am ready for it. Everett loves a schedule, so it is time. He has had a great summer and for the first time he is excited about going back. Here are a few things that have been on my mind this week.

Everett loves to be outside, but the bugs eat him alive. It’s something I have to constantly fight. I don’t ever want to deter him from being outside, because of the peace and calm it brings him. Swimming is his favorite outside activity but he also loves sitting in the grass. He picks blades of grass that he slowly tears apart into tiny pieces. Clay showed me this article last night. It goes into why being outside is so beneficial for people with autism and sensory issues, and also how it helps break up screen time addictions that are so prevalent. Check it out here.

For me, a new school year is the best time of year to establish new habits, routines, and systems. This book is my favorite in regards to these subjects. I’ve read it multiple times and get practical, useful tips each time. As a parent, I would have a glorified ideal in my head of all the things I would implement to make morning routines a snap, homework time enjoyable, and a healthy, delicious, and nutrient dense packed lunch. This book helped me realize why I never quite pulled off the perfect school year. Atomic Habits

The Grey is on my restaurant bucket list. It’s is Savannah, Georgia. The chef, Mashama Bailey, has an episode of Chef’s Table of Netflix. She and her restaurant partner, John O. Morisano have a new book out called Black, White, and The Grey that I can’t wait to read.

Everett has found a love of sunglasses and sometimes takes mine. This was earlier this week. He never fails to make me smile. Happy Sunday Everyone!

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