Sunday Fill Up 8/8/21

Waking up this Sunday morning in another hotel room. We came to Huntsville for the weekend to celebrate my niece and nephew’s 15th birthday. Everett loves staying in a “city house”. It just feeds his soul to have a trip to countdown.

Over the past decade, my hair has been slowly turning gray. I am currently covering it up, but think a lot about letting it grow out. I remember when I first noticed them coming in. One here, a few more there… When Wheeler was in 8th grade, Brett and I were still married and we were watching him play baseball. Brett was standing behind me while I was sitting in a chair. He looked down and said, “Wow, you’re really starting to get some gray hairs.” I turned around and looked up at him without saying a word. He responded, “I bet most of them have my name on them.” I nodded my head and turned back around. COVID made it easy for many woman to choose to let their grays shine. I went longer without a color at that time as well, but went right back to touching up my roots. If you want to see posts about that #youngandgray has over 16,000 posts of people embracing the graying. Let me introduce you to Cathy who I follow on Instagram and her blog. She has talked about going gray at a young age, why she choose to grow it out, and what that process was like here. Then the really interesting part for me is that she has a twin sister who has chosen to continue coloring her hair. You can look at pics of the two of them together and hear her sister’s take here. So fascinating to me…

20 Photos from the Tokyo Olympics. Take a look here

Last week I recommended the book Atomic Habits. This article popped up in my feed and I really enjoyed reading the habits created by the people featured. I think when we look at what we want to accomplish we set the bar too high for ourselves. Small, consistent progress over perfection is key. I feel like this highlights this concept perfectly.

Last year, I was in a pandemic book club that a cousin invited me to join. I joined later and thought I would catch up on all of the books they had previously read and purchased those books. That was not the case. I get into reading phases and had a long drive spell at the end of last year and into early this year. I just finished Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns over the weekend. It was first published in 1984 and has a setting of the early 1900s in a rural Georgia town. It was a fast and pleasant read that reminded me of how much life can change in a hundred years.

Yesterday, we went to Top Golf to celebrate Lily and Daniel’s birthday. We all had a great time and I love watching Everett partaking in new activities. It’s been a great weekend celebrating my favorite 15 year olds! Happy Sunday Everyone

Jack loves traveling too
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