Sunday Fill Up 8/15/21

Life has been intense lately and lots of things going on. I spent a few days this week helping my Daddy. Thank you for everyone who sent support messages and prayed for him along with the rest of us. He has made drastic improvements over the past week and we are hoping (no one more than him) that he will be home soon. He has always been surrounded by dogs. Since he can’t be around his own dogs right now, I brought Jack with me so he could get some good puppy love.

I like creamy balsamic dressings. This is one that I make at home a lot. I just put the ingredients in a mason jar and shake it up. Super easy and very tasty!

I have been listening to audio books for a very long time. Before road trips, my mom would check out a few “books on tape” for us to listen to in the car. We’ve come a long way since then and I have a library full on audible where I can go back and listen to some of my favorites. This interview talks with the choice voice for audio books.

Both of my grandfathers had heart attacks within a year of each other when I was about 10 years old. And from that point, I watched both of them add a daily walk into their lives. Every morning, they both got up in the same small town and walked about an hour. For the next 20ish years, they both did that until they weren’t physically capable to do it any longer. Walking is my exercise of choice. Everyday that I am able to get my walk in is a better day than ones that I didn’t. I’ve participated in 3 half marathons that I’ve mostly walked. The end result was the same as those who ran it. I finished each time just like they did. Will my three friends that I participate in these activities finish faster than me, every time! Do I care or let that stop me? No. I hope to participate in one early next year. As my ankle is slowing healing, I’m able to add small walks back in and it’s a huge relief. Health journeys look different for everyone but I think we sometimes over complicate things and only feel progress when we are achieving what we perceive is “perfect”. I think this post does a great job of conveying that concept.

A walk is always better with a friend (or 3)

This boy was extra brave and his smile doesn’t convey the awesome experience we had this week at Iuka Discount Drugs. Everett has autism and I chose to vaccinate him. Your choice may be different. You’ll find no judgement here. We all deal with daily risks and navigate what is best for us. Everyone in my immediate family is vaccinated and I’m trying to do my part to reduce the risks for ourselves, but mostly for all of our loved ones who are in the high risk category. We don’t know the long term effects of so many things we ingest and we choose regularly to consume things that we know cause harm. Do you microwave your food in plastic containers, use roundup on your property, live near cell towers, eat food that is overly processed and full of chemicals, use aluminum antiperspirants, sulfates in your soaps and cosmetics, bleach in your home, swim in chlorinated pools? The list goes on forever. We are all making risky long term choices everyday, many of those choices we KNOW are harming ourselves and our children long term. The only thing that I really don’t understand is why people chose to use Facebook post shares as a source of information to make these decisions. The water is really muddy out there so I urge everyone to not make it worse. Happy Sunday Everyone!!

He was perfect and didn’t even flinch or get upset. Thanks Lee for making Everett’s experience so painless!

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