Sunday Fill Up 8/22/21

Our little town was hit by a tornado early last night. There is so much damage but I haven’t heard of any injuries. Thoughts to those who are dealing with restoring power and clean up. The office I work in has some damage so we went to help get things out that might be damaged from additional rain. We take so many of the amenities of our lives for granted and driving through town in complete darkness brings the reality of our vulnerability to those things we take for granted. Utilities, running water, internet, unblocked roads, and so many other things. These are pictures from in front of our office and behind.

Photo credit Opal Lovelace
Photo credit Opal Lovelace
Photo credit Opal Lovelace

This week Wheeler went back to Starkville for his last semester of school. My dad finally got to go home. Thank you everyone for the messages, support, and prayers! It has rained at least once a day for the past month. Yesterday, it rained 3 times. The area surrounding the new house is a soupy, muddy mess. We need to finish the dirt work to be able to get the rest of the drainage system in, but it rains everyday. Every. Day. And not just a sprinkle. It downpours. Here are some pics I took yesterday.

They poured a new concrete slab for the front steps and when we went to look at it after work 3 inches of water was standing on it.

Can you guess the member of our family who is loving the mud??

I’ve been listening to Sturgill Simpson’s new album “The Ballad of Dood & Juanita” on repeat.

As I am picking out things for the house, there is this looming question of “to wallpaper or not wallpaper”. Wallpaper is super trendy right now, but truthfully, I still have too near memories of removing shreds of paper in tiny increments for days on end to feel comfortable diving into hanging wallpaper in my forever home. This article talks about the current wallpaper craze with do’s and don’t’s. I’ll steer clear of wallpaper at this point, but in my opinion, no one does wallpaper better than Julia Marcum from Chris loves Julia (and if you aren’t following them on Instagram, you are missing out. Check them out here)

Julia Marcum’s use of wallpaper

Everett is constantly planning our next trip. I’ve told him no trips until after we move into the new house. The first trip after we move in will be a train trip to New Orleans, but this list of the 26 most beautiful towns has me day dreaming of what is next after that.

I’m coming for you Eureka Springs, Arkansas

When you walk into our new house, I want it to feel like it’s been there for over 100 years. I have been purchasing antique fixtures for the house for about a year and half. I sometimes forget about all of the unique items I’ve procured. I am going to start highlighting one a week. This weekend I worked on painting and cleaning the clawfoot tubs we’ve purchased. Both of them came off of Facebook Marketplace for a fraction of the price of buying new versions. We’ve had the one for the master for over a year. It’s not perfect but in really good shape. It’s over 6 feet long, which is very rare to find. It came in the most fascinating color and Clay tells me it’s really heavy.

After first coat, I’ll go back today and put on a second coat. The humidity makes it impossible to paint anything twice in one day.

We went to Florence Friday night to pick up a water heater we had ordered from Home Depot. Everett and I were browsing around the store trying to socially distance ourselves from other shoppers. Now that we are back to masking and talking about COVID, Everett talks about it as well. I turned down an aisle to avoid someone but ended up in a bit of a traffic jam. As we were very close to 3 strangers, Everett plainly and loudly said “I have COVID”. I was shocked and alarmed along with strangers. I quickly said “No, you don’t have COVID”. He then said “I don’t have COVID. There is no COVID”. I apologized and we moved along. That kid can make anything awkward and it makes me laugh so hard. Poor home improvements shoppers.

Happy Sunday!!
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