Sunday Fill Up 9/12/21

Happy Sunday! I’m thinking a lot about the details of the new house. Actually, I’m over thinking the details. Rick Bragg writes a monthly column in Southern Living and this is one he wrote about porches. His words convey what I’m trying to create. My over thinking comes from a place of wanting to create an inviting space and hopeful of the memories that will be made. We will have lots of porch options and I love seeing them come together.

The back porch off the main floor will be screened in.

I ran across this article a couple of days ago. Do you believe in soul mates? I was surprised at the statistics it states that more men than women believe in love at first sight and the idea of a destined soul mate.

I’ve talked before about the stares we get in public when Everett stims or the various other reasons his autism draws attention. This article and subsequent photos are of a woman and her daughter with Down syndrome. The images are edgy and in black and white with Anna, the mother, looking straight into the camera as they carry out their daily life. It portrays what it feels like to have onlookers as you go about your daily life.

My husband isn’t a huge sports watcher, but this week has been an exception. Tennis’s US Open has been on this week. Yesterday, the women’s championship was on with two unranked teenagers playing in the final. Emma Raducanu was victorious just three months after officially becoming a pro. You can read about it here. This afternoon is the Men’s final.

Everett’s obsession with balloons continues this week. We shopped yesterday and he grabbed two packs of them. Up until yesterday, he couldn’t tie the balloons he blew up. I would limit how many I was willing to tie for a couple of reasons. First, to make the balloons we purchased last. And secondly, to not end up with over 30 balloons all blown up inside the house at one time. Well, like most things that Everett really wants to do, he figured it out and it currently looks like there has been a full balloon drop in every room of the house.

Contemplating his ballon selection carefully. When he finally chose, he threw them in the shopping basket and said “that’ll do it for today”
Victory in balloon tying and a request from Everett.
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