Sunday Fill Up 9/19/21

Happy Sunday! It feels like Fall and I know that is going to keep coming with the lower temps this week.

I’ve talked about my love of flowers before and back in March I ordered some Dahlia tubers to plant in May. Well, breaking my ankle put a dent in that plan. I didn’t get the tubers in until late June and they are just now starting to produce. I also planted some sunflowers that are giving me so much joy.

A little droopy after a rain, but one of my favorite sights

As Everett is getting older, things are quickly shifting. He has gained so many more skills, he is officially taller than I am by a few inches (and his growing isn’t going to stop anytime soon). This article from a man who has shifted his life for his twin brother with autism is beautiful and one look into what is long term care for a nonverbal adult with autism. Every situation is different and my expectation for Everett’s (and Wheeler’s) future looks very different than this. I want to point out that his perspective on life is what I see from so many people who have siblings with special needs. They get what matters most in life very early on. They have compassion and empathy, and sometimes guilt for their abilities.

Scrambled eggs aren’t something that gets a lot of attention, but I think are a staple in most houses. I’m going to give a few tips that use when cooking scrambled eggs. This article talks about when to salt the eggs (it’s an interesting, short article but I’ll save you the time and say it’s 15 minutes prior to cooking them. I think 5 minutes is fine). Your pan should be set no higher than medium low. Over cooking eggs makes them rubbery, a greenish gray color, and their shape turns into little pebbles. I start with a little butter in a non stick pan. Let the butter melt and then add the whisked (and seasoned) eggs to the pan. The key is slowly scraping the bottom of the pan with a rubber spatula the entire time you are cooking. The eggs will slowly start to come together. The key is to pull them off the heat when you think they aren’t done enough to eat. If you like cheese on your eggs, this is the time to add it. After you’ve added the cheese and pulled it off the heat, keep scraping and move the eggs around until they are soft and no sign of soupiness.

Everett is not happy about how long it has been since we’ve taken a trip. I keep putting him off until after we move into the house, but he has our 2022 completely booked. One trip he keeps talking about is “riding trains around the UK”. I happened across this AirBnb in England that is modeled after Winnie the Pooh’s home. Everett wouldn’t want to ever leave.

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