Sunday Fill Up 9/26/21

This has been another hard week. My Dad is back in the hospital and endured 3 different surgeries, 3 days in a row. He knew going in that he might not wake up and when he did wake up he would be on a ventilator. Anyone who knows him is keenly aware that he isn’t scared of a fight and that’s exactly what he did this week. He miraculously came off the ventilator yesterday days earlier than expected. We walked in the hospital yesterday morning with him unable to talk or move. But I left the hospital yesterday, having spent the previous couple of hours watching the MS State/LSU game with him while he asked me who the call went to and why didn’t they run a certain play. He made jokes about how good he looked and told me how much he loved me multiple times.

Life is so precious and fragile. This week brought extremely hard losses for our community. My thoughts are never far from the Walker family and the road they have ahead of them. One of the best parts of living in a small community is how quickly it comes together in hard times. I know from experience that when you have to walk through a personal tragedy, just knowing you have endless amounts of love and support surrounding you at all times is such a gift.

I’m not going to share any articles, recipes, or recommendations this morning. I just urge you to reach out to the people you love and let them know how much they mean to you. Go outside and enjoy the weather. Notice the little things that bring you joy and pray for those that are hurting and need support.

I leave you with Everett. He has cut his own hair 3 times this year and every single time it’s when I’m out of town. I’m not sure whether it’s his form of rebellion towards me leaving him or just a coincidence. He is always pleased with himself and extremely confident with how amazing he looks (I think he gets that from my Daddy 😊). Happy Sunday!

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