Sunday Fill Up 10/10/21

It is October which makes me happy. It’s like the Goldilocks month, not too hot and not too cold. Happy Sunday everyone!

If you aren’t following Kelle Hampton on Instagram, you are missing out. She is a mother of 3 and the middle one has Down syndrome. She is a beautiful photographer, so her page is a visual dream. She has so many free resources including this 2021 Fall Bucket List to do with your family.

Looking for an easy and yummy fall dessert? This apple cake is easy and so delicious.

This is the first year in a very long time that I haven’t decorated a porch for Fall/Halloween. I am having a little FOMO with this porch on my social media feed.

Take a deep dive into the science of leaves changing with this article.

Everett hasn’t felt good this week. He had a nasty ear infection, but perked up last night. He is so social and is constantly talking about friends and family. I took this video last night of Everett talking about our friend, Mike, and how he wants for them to go swimming together and do cannon balls. Everett makes us laugh out loud everyday with the funny and silly stuff he comes up with. Happy Sunday!

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