House Update

This may be my first official blog post about the house, but I want to document this process in multiple ways for my own memory.

We have some self imposed deadlines that have us barreling to the finish line right before Thanksgiving. It is going to be crazy tight, but at this point still doable. They started sheetrock this week and so the house on the interior looks completely different than the pics I’m going to share. Wheeler hasn’t been home in a couple of weeks, and he wants to be surprised with the progress when he gets home for Everett’s birthday.

I’ll start with updating you on the exterior. Here are a few pics of the exterior.

This was from early September after the cedar shingles were painted in the dormer.
Pic from September with the chimney done. The railing on the main level is finished now. In the early spring, we will install screens on the main porch.
Back porch railing
This pic is from early September after they just finished painting. Our carport will be close to the back side entrance.
Every morning, I walk over to the house and this was from a couple of days ago.

Now for some interior updates

This view is from the front door to the back of the house
View from the landing on the staircase
I love watching all of the details of the living room come together
View from Living Room to the front entrance
View from Living Room into Kitchen and Breakfast Room
View from Dining Room into Kitchen and Breakfast Room
Dining Room

I have been dreaming of the details on this house from a very long time and seeing them come alive is extremely rewarding. We have had so much help in this process and it has been overwhelming for me the amount of time and care that so many people have given to this project.

For us this isn’t just a figurative statement, it is also literal!
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