Sunday Fill Up 10/31/21

Happy Sunday! We dressed up last night and hung out at Iuka’s Trunk or Treat giving out candy. Everett had fun for about an hour and then was ready to go home. Our costumes were procured Tuesday after no luck with finding a Superman costume that was Everett’s first request. He was happy being Elmo and having Big Bird, Grover, and Oscar accompany him. Happy Halloween!!

I listened to “The Dutch House” by Ann Patchett this week. My favorite surprise was that Tom Hanks was the narrator. And I never again want to listen to a fiction story not read by him. I sometimes have a hard time getting into a book if I’m listening to it because my mind wanders. Not a problem with that familiar and comforting voice talking. I loved the book and can’t recommend the audio version enough.

I love the “Good Dog” monthly column in Garden and Gun magazine. Every year, they have a Good Dog photo contest. Here are this year’s winners. There is nothing better than a great picture of a dog.

I have most of the design decisions made for the house, but I’m struggling with paint for the Master Bathroom. I had to make a change on the tile for a couple of reasons and it’s going to be beautiful, but I’m stumped. And it comes down to wallpaper. Our tile will be very close to this and while I said no wallpaper, I can’t unsee this…

Credit: @thelinenrabbit on Instagram

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