Sunday Fill Up 11/7/21

Good morning! It’s been birthday week around our house with Everett turning 15.

While going on a walk isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I go to Oxford, it’s now on the list. Check out this article about the Whirlpool Trails

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. And with that comes plans of gathering and what food will be made and brought to the best pot luck of the year. I like all of the traditional items and also like switching things up. This is a staple dessert that I take to Thanksgiving gatherings. Clay likes it so much that he suggests I make it midsummer. I know the recipe by heart and putting it in a disposable aluminum 9×13 makes it so simple.

We (and most of the Cummings Family) has been working very hard to get to the finish line on the house. Floors are going down right now and it’s exciting to see everything come together. I didn’t get a great picture yesterday but here is one of my favorite views.

Breakfast Room

We had Everett’s birthday party Friday night. He had the best time with so many of his favorite people there. We stopped Tuesday on his actual birthday to get him a train from Hobby Lobby, which is a big treat because they have high end electric hobby trains. I thought he would tear right into the box then but he gave it to me that night once we were home to wrap it for him to open at his birthday party! So cute!

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