Sunday Fill Up 11/14/21

How are we half way through November? This month is flying by. We have our inspection at the new house to close on our mortgage on Friday. We’ve made so much progress and to say I’m grateful for the people showing up 7 days a week to help us get there is an understatement. we poured concrete countertops yesterday. I tried really hard to tape and protect the floors and cabinets, but wasn’t super successful. It was a very messy and labor intensive job, but I’m excited about them.

The longer we go without traveling, the more obsessed Everett is about our next trip. I don’t officially have anything planned yet, but by Christmas I’ll need something within a month for us to countdown to. I ran across this ultimate train trip bucket list from Europe. Thanks to Peppa Pig, Everett has wanted to “go on holiday to the UK” for years. I’ll have to plan a trip around at least one of these train rides.

We are week into the time change. I like the extra sun in the morning to be able to walk earlier with the dogs (or that’s my half glass full approach to the plunging darkness at 5:30pm). This article dives into light, climate, and how it affects our long term happiness.

This article took me nearly an hour to read, but it really hits close to home. It’s about wildfires in the US. Wheeler’s best friend, Davis Hill, has been fighting wildfires and spent most of 2021 on a Hot Shot crew. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a news piece that goes so in depth into the obvious physical danger and also the mental toil that is created from the work. Davis wears a smile that lights up any room and he talks openly about the hardships of the work. He is our hero, and I am thankful he came home safe after this season.

Have you ever cut down a tree that was on fire from the inside?
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