Sunday Fill Up 12/5/21

If you told me a year ago that I’d be stenciling and sponge painting my bathroom, I would have questioned your sanity but here we are. A few weeks ago, I shared an inspiration pic of a bathroom that I loved that had wallpaper. The wallpaper was a hard no for Clay. He has graciously said yes to at least 708 things that were inconvenient, more work, and more expensive, and this was only the second no in the entire project. I started to figure out how to recreate the look without wallpaper. I ordered a mural stencil that had a few tree scenes and played around with colors until I found something that was similar to the wallpaper. Here are some pics of the progress so far. I may add a little more dimension and detail but it’s getting there.

I have a brass pivot mirror that will be hung in between the sconces.
Side by side of inspiration photo

I love to make a variety of cookies at Christmas. I have almost a dozen tried and true recipes that I only make this time a year. One of my favorites has an ingredient that you would never think goes in a cookie. They are so easy and taste like shortbread.

If you are looking for a fun follow on Instagram (and I’m sure Facebook). Check out Hannah at Ballerina Farm here. She lives on a farm in Utah where they raise cattle and pigs with her husband and 6 kids. They also have an online shop to order things from their farm (I’ve ordered a few gifts from there). My favorite part is that she is a retired ballerina, and posts videos and stories of her dancing.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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