Graduation for Wheeler

On Friday, Wheeler graduated from Mississippi State with a bachelor’s degree in Precision Agriculture. We are all so proud of his achievements. School has never been something Wheeler has enjoyed. He would prefer to be outside instead of in class or studying. And with so many things in life, the discipline of just showing up day after day gets you to the goals you set out to achieve.

My mom (aka Beth/GiGi) and Wheeler
Dianne/Nena and Wheeler
Joyce/Nanny, Wheeler, and Bill/Papaw

And while graduating is a huge accomplishment, the point of the education is to become gainfully employed and I’ve had lots of people ask me what is next for him. Wheeler did an internship over the past year with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), a division of the USDA. He will take a position with them within the next couple of months in North Mississippi.

My handsome boys
Wheeler and Davis

On big days, we miss those who couldn’t be there a little more than usual but know we can feel their presence.

This is such a big milestone in anyone’s life and I’m excited to watch him navigate the next year. His accomplishments are many, but I’m most proud of his character. He doesn’t let fear hold him back from anything and is extremely self aware. Wheeler works so hard on becoming the best version of himself and at the same time lives more in the present seeking adventure and experiences than anyone I know.

Wheeler when he was 1 in his future Bulldog onesie and the day I dropped him off at his dorm.

Congratulations Wheeler and job well done! Your Momma is proud of you today and all of your tomorrows.

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