Sunday Fill Up 1/30/22

January is my least favorite month and so I am glad that it is almost behind us. I had lunch with my friend, Beth, on Friday and when I sat down she said “Can you believe it’s January 58th?” Around here it is when winter actually shows up and its the closest thing I come to hibernation. 6:30pm feels like midnight and 7am feels like 5am. I basically walk around with a blanket and shiver from one spot in the house to the next.

I’ve had lots of request for more pictures and updates from the house. We moved in December 14th. We are slowly settling in but there isn’t a room that’s 100% done. I’ve hung very few pictures, very little styling, and each room has a small (or big) list of little things We have lots of exterior to be finished. The pool construction is supposed to start tomorrow, if weather cooperates and everyone shows up (haha). Here is the placement of where it’s going to sit in the backyard.

Can you imagine it?!?

I ordered our range in June and it is supposed to arrive early February. Once it is installed, we can finish the hood and range surround. Here are a couple of shots I took yesterday of the kitchen. I bought this stained glass window when I was 18 years old at an antique store. It has been in every house I’ve lived in as an adult and feels like home more than any other object I’ve ever owned. The original kitchen plan had 2 windows and I changed it to 3 to accommodate the window. We are going to have open shelving on the two side windows.

Clay bought this stool for me last Christmas. There was one just like it in my Dad’s parents house. I remember it being my favorite thing in their house to play and sit on.

In January I think everyone in the world is trying to lighten their diets up a bit. This is what I’m making this week to take for my lunch. Check it out here.

Baked Ricotta Spaghetti Squash with Shrimp from Lillie Eats and Tells

I’ve been rewatching Downton Abbey. I love it but there is no faster way to clear a room in my house than to turn it on. They don’t appreciate it the way I do, especially the third time around. Our internet situation is not great so the only streaming service that works 90% of the time is Netflix. Anyone have show recommendations once I’m finished with Downton?

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