Sunday Fill Up 3/13/22

It has been a while since I’ve posted a Sunday Fill Up. It has been a long year and I am emotionally worn down. Everett has really struggled and I’ll do another post that goes into the details what he has been experiencing. His grief mixed with teenage hormonal surges makes it hard for him to regulate his emotions. Most of his frustration is aimed at me, and he knows that I’m a safe landing space and I can handle it. With autism, everything is a phase and I know we will work through what is happening. Though, I’m pretty sure that most 15 year olds stay mad at their moms on a regular basis.

Someone Everett is never mad at..
He is a couple of inches taller than me and they still manage to fit into a chair together.

I say all of that to say, I haven’t been as productive with moving projects forward and other things have fallen by the wayside, i.e. updating here.

Popular baby names have always intrigued me but it has been a minute since I have been strapped with the pressure of naming a human being for their entire life. This list was eye opening to me. There are some interesting choices and many I’ve never heard of like #1 for boys is Arlo. I spent so much time thinking about my boys’ names. When you tell people what you are going to name your child, you usually just say their first and middle names. A few days after Wheeler was born Dianne, Brett’s mom, was over holding him and she said “Oh Wheeler Brewster, you are such a handsome baby” It was the first time I had ever heard his name said that way and I did not like it. I’m sure it was post partum hormones, but I was devastated. I felt haunted that I hadn’t realized that is what he would be called. Everett was named by Wheeler within a few weeks of him being born. His name was going to be Jack (ironic that we now have a Jack), but Wheeler said, “Momma, that baby’s name is Everett.” And he was right.

Sweet little Wheeler Brewster
Happy little Everett Brewster

Send up a good thought for Jack on Tuesday. He had a toe injury that started back in December and then was compounded by Everett accidentally running over it with his hoverboard. I have tried so hard to let the toe heal, but he will have surgery to remove it on Tuesday. It’s the inside toe on his front left paw. Not sure why I’ve been so emotionally attached to him keeping his toe but I am. I’ll spare you the picture of the toe but here are he and Everett hanging out in the backseat.

A Rueben has to be my favorite sandwich. Today, I’m making a lightened up version of this Rueben Casserole for my lunches this week.

Rueben Casserole photo credits to Pinch of Yum

We are slowly working through things around the house. The pool is almost complete and then we can move onto carport and driveway. It’s a soupy, muddy mess right now. I did organize the pantry. When we first moved in, I just started putting things wherever and it was time for an update. Dollar Tree had lots of spring colored bins and I bought a few things off of Amazon to help. It has stayed organized and I’ll probably change placement of a few things for easier access. We’ve talked about redoing the shelves but that’s super far down on the list. Here is a before and after.

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